Season Of Life

When despaired black clouds,

Pointed out at me,

Natives shout like cloud thunders.

Life seems dirty stagnant water,

I became a waterspout in Tornado.


Yet there were lightings,

To direct me in the darkness.

Actual “I” was inside raincoat,

To whom no one can see.


Alone, shivering in cold,

Waiting for help on lone roads.

Soon, I realized, I have to walk alone,

No one is fortunate enough,

To messed up in this pre-cyclone.


Determined, I explained myself,

Cognitively, I started to push myself.

I strong-willed not to stop or

Get erode like soil.


The destiny is too close,

The more far it seems,

As problems stands inch before

The way to the Dew-Success.


I was collapsed and gasped,

And there were deep breaths,

Midway to dry summers and wet winters,

Between the dark clouds and carbon black roads,

Zeal comes from bleeding rainy thoughts.


I did it! I did it!

I got the motive of life,

I got a season of life.


Alas! I started sweated like raindrops,

From the clouds of my cuddle heart,

I smiled; blessed with colorful rainbow,

There were raindrops on my cheeks,

Which dried up with the sunshine.


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